DEUBOTE Hyper-Beauty : Hyper-Beauty Collagen has positive effect to improve skin cells metabolism which is important for healthy epidermal skin barrier and skin moisturizing. This results in better elasticity and wrinkle reduction.

You will be able to keep your beauty regardless your age

When age increases, skin would loss more collagen. It will reduce the preservation of hyaluronic acid. It increases dark circles and wrinkles on your eyes. The pores, wrinkles are increasing due to less skin elasticity. Even you use the mask everyday, it would not be able to help much.

You might spend a lot of money in the beauty shop and paying high cost for medical beauty service with your credit cards. Or you will rely on make-up and using the beauty camera Apps to generate photos and post on Facebook for self-comfort ...

Hyper Beauty Supreme Drink is 100% Micro-biological hydrolyzed collagen. It has no additive and up to 95% absorption within 12 hours. And it is all absorbed by the skin tissues. The skin flexibility will be much more lasting. Using our nutrition science, it helps you to build the skin health from inside to outside, for the whole body! You will be able to keep your beauty regardless your age!

What causes our skin to age?
Skin structure decryption

The dermal layer of the skin consists of hyaluronic acid, collagen fibers, cells, blood and lymph and nerve fibers, which accounted for 80% of the entire dermal layer. It is to support the skin structure and provide the skin with tension and elasticity. When our age increases, metabolism slows down. The loss of collagen will increase and leads to loosen of collagen fibers. Finally it results in the formation of wrinkles, relaxation, large pores, dry skin and affects the function of hyaluronic acid to retain water.

Hyper Beauty Supreme Drink advantages for Skin Aging
Hype Beauty Supreme Drink, to make your skin healthy and beautiful

Hyper Beauty uses patented technology to extract "Micro-Biological Hydrolyzed Collagen” for skin application. The collagen molecule is generally 95 times lesser than normal collagen molecule and the intestine is easily absorbed into the blood vessels, transferring to the skin cells then. The collagen molecule will enhance the collagen and elastin synthesis, results in improving collagen and elastic fibers strength.

Clinical research shows that users had daily doses of 2.5 g Hyper Beauty for 8 weeks compare to those taken placebo only, the users who took Hyper Beauty could reduce skin wrinkle depth by 30%. The results were sustainable and show significant improvement. Hyper Beauty can promote collagen and elastin synthesis, not only maintains moisture within the skin, but also helps with the regeneration of the skin cells and enhances skin elasticity.

5 Forces To Improve Our Skin

Supporting Force

Hydroxyproline is derived through the absorption of collagen. It helps to stimulate the fibroblast within the skin dermal layer to synthesis enough collagen and protein. It allows hyperplasia of collagen and elastic fibers. It will improve the skin support and reduce wrinkles.

Resuming Resiliency Force

When the fabric mesh layer made by the collagen and elastic fibers is strong enough, elasticity of skin will be resumed, which can avoid skin loosing.

Tightening Pore Force

when cortical matrix tension and elasticity recover, the pore walls can restore elasticity, pores size will reduce naturally.

Retaining Water Force

Skin water-holding capacity depends on the cortical matrix. The cortical matrix is surrounded with collagen fibers which allow better water storage. When the skin stays with enough moisture, it will become naturally shinning and less dry lines on the skin surface.

Removing Melanin Force

The lack of collagen will reduce skin metabolism function. It will reduce the ability to remove melanin from the skin. Collagen can protect cortical matrix and increase water absorption. This will improve metabolism, enhance the efficiency of removing melanin and reduce color spots.

Clinical Studies
Significantly increased skin elasticity

A study for Hyper-Beauty users between the ages of 35 and 55 showed a 15% increase in skin elasticity after 4 weeks of usage. And the elasticity was remained after 8 weeks of taking.

(Proksch E & Segger D et. al,2014)

Clinical Studies
Reducing wrinkles by 20%

Another study also showed that the eye wrinkles decreased by about 7% after 4 weeks, and decreased by 20% after 8 weeks.

(Proksch E & Segger D et. al,2014)

Hyper Beauty VS Collagen Cream

Comparison between Hyper Beauty Drink and External Apply Collagen Products