Menopause is a new stage of life for women. Life can be more exciting. Of course, you need to pay more attention to some changes. Osteoporosis is one of them. It makes you shorter, spine deformation, and humpback. Only taking calcium and enhance vitamin D absorption are not enough. Hyper Bone Supreme Drink is to promote the formation of bone collagen. It helps to retain calcium and effectively reduces the loss as the collagen is required to provide a platform for mineralization within the bone structure.

What is Osteoporosis?
Silent Killer… Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a chronic bone metabolic disorder. The patient's bone density decreased. Bone structure becomes fragile and there is no obvious sign of deterioration in the process. It will be easily overlooked, and finally lead to fractures, spine deformation, resulting in shorter height or even hunchback.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, about 12% to 20% of patients with hip fractures die within one year of fracture.

Become glass bone cannot be ignored

Imagine if the bones are fragile like glass, what will be the consequences? Collisions and falls can also lead to fractures. The pain caused to the old man/woman is definitely a torture. He also needs special care and this will be a pressure to him. In fact, it can be avoided as long as we start to pay more attention to the problem of bone density at middle-age. We need regular health checks, pay attention to the nutrition and exercise.

Osteoporosis is not only caused by calcium deficiency

Most people at the age of 40, bone mass loss become more apparent. Menopausal women will exacerbate bone loss because of estrogen decreasing in the body. Therefore, female will have osteoporosis earlier than men. There are other reasons like genetics, nutritional deficiencies, less exercise and etc. may also cause osteoporosis.

Traditionally, we think osteoporosis is due to the loss of calcium only. In fact, the latest research demonstrates that metabolic slowdown caused insufficient replenishment of collagen is another key reason for this. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other inorganic substance needs collagen fiber platform for bearing, support and mineralization.

Without a proper collagen fiber platform will result in loss of calcium and other bone substance. Therefore, insufficient collagen becomes one of the key reasons for osteoporosis.

How to Replenish Bone Collagen?
Deubote Hyper Joint Supreme Drink enhances production of Bone collagen

Collagen molecules from food are too large for intestine absorption directly. Deubote Hyper Bone Supreme Drink uses patented technology, Micro-biological hydrolysis collagen process, to extract collagen molecules which are 95 times finer than normal food collagen molecules and clinically proven 95% of the molecules are absorbed within 12 hours by intestine after intake.

The collagen molecules enhance the accumulation of hydroxyproline from blood within the bone to a level that can allow the osteoblasts to speed up the production of collagen fibers. The collagen fibers are required to retain the calcium and reduce its loss.

It also promotes the mineralization of bone reconstruction and makes it stronger and more robust. The clinical studies have shown that the product can significantly reduce the degree of bone degradation and the rate of re-fracture.

Principle of Hyper Bone


Ultra small water soluble molecules allow 95% being absorbed by intestine within 12 hours


Derived hydroxyproline is transported to the bone by blood and accumulated there


Enhanced osteoblast to produce more bone collagen fibers so that the calcium can be retained and rebuild the bone mass. As a result, it increases bone density and its strength.

Calcium VS Collagen

The two are not in antagonistic relationship

When the bone lacks of collagen, the calcium will be more difficult to be retained even though you have taken sufficient calcium. It will even cause stomach pain, constipation, stones and cardiovascular problems and other side effects if we take excessive calcium.

By taking Hyper Bone micro-biological hydrolysis collagen, it will help you to replenish bone collagen fibers. Therefore, calcium can be retained and utilized. We just need pay attention to a balanced diet to increase the calcium absorption. We can take milk or cheese and there will have no side effect.

*This products can be used with Calcium. Please refer to the Doctor advice for Calcium requirement.

Clinical Studies
About Absorption

95% being absorbed by intestine within 12 hours (Oesser et al.1999)

Blood tests for users demonstrate hydroxyproline concentration increased significantly within the blood. (Iwai et al. 2005)

Clinical Studies
94 elder people attended a double-blind randomized test

Based on Bone Degradation Markers, those who took Hyper Bone Supreme Drink, Bone degeneration has been improved compare to those just taking calcitonin. (Adam et al. 1996)

Clinical Studies
92 postmenopausal women with osteoporosis were selected for randomized double-blind test

Within 3 years, those who took Hyper Bone Supreme Drink, the fracture rate was found to be much lower than those taking calcium supplements. (Adam et al. 2002)