Hyper-Joint Collagen is able to accumulate in cartilage tissue after absorption and stimulate the biosynthesis of cartilage cells. This will repair the joint naturally and effectively without any side effect to the human body.

or Athritis

We always misunderstand that knee pain, neck pain, back pain are caused by rheumatism. In fact, it is very likely caused by arthritis. If we ignore the symptoms, we will develop periarthritis humeroscapularis, frozen shoulder, bone spurs and joint deformations which will affect our daily life!

We will need to have physiotherapy then. Injection of hyaluronic acid or joints replacement, the cost is high and patient needs to bear the pain. The Hyper Joint Supreme Drink can effectively replenish cartilage collagen, repair the cartilage and pain will naturally disappear. You don’t need to use it for long-term. If you still rely on glucosamine, you have a better choice now!

What is Osteoarthritis?
Most Osteoarthritis are caused by cartilage degeneration

Arthritis is caused by either rheumatoid arthritis or degenerative arthritis. The former is related to the immune system while the other one is caused by aging or degeneration, most of the arthritis is degenerative arthritis.

We have more than two hundred joints in our body which allow us to move. Each joint has flexible cartilage in between the bones and protect from wear and tear. And the body will produce collagen to repair the worn cartilage. However when we get older, our metabolism will slowdown.

The speed of repair will be less than the speed of wear and tear. Cartilage erosion causes the bones exposed. When there is no buffer between the bones, the bones would begin to wear, deform, grow spur and cause inflammation.

In Asia, one in every six persons suffers from arthritis in their life. It is also known as the world's number one disabling disease. Information shows more than 100 million people in China suffering from arthritis. With the aging population, the number of patients also continues to increase. Thus, the World Health Organization fixes October 12 as the World Arthritis Day, and reminds people not to ignore arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is not only about pain,
it has 53% probability causing disability.

Arthritis can occur at any joints. As the knee and hip needs to support the body, most arthritis appear at the knee and hip position. There are also more concern about the joints at the cervical and hands when people spend more time on their smart phones.

Arthritis patients lead to pain, swelling, joint deformity, bone spur, stiffness and limited mobility, resulting in the need to rely on crutches and even wheelchairs.

They cannot take care of themselves. World Health Organization statistics shows degenerative arthritis causes disability rate as high as 53%, seriously affecting individuals and family lives. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular, diabetes and other diseases due to limited mobility and reduced exercise.

Early prevention is the best response to any disease

Weight control, excessive weight will increase the joint load and cause joint degeneration earlier

Maintain the correct posture and right amount of exercise, exercise is absolutely important to the body. Especially the correct exercise for muscle strength can reduce joint degeneration. However, on the other hand excessive and inadequate exercise will accelerate joint degeneration. Therefore arthritis will appear earlier to professional athletes and workers.

You need to maintain a balance diet, replenish sufficient nutrition for cartilage metabolism. You can also choose collagen health food to enhance the repairing of cartilage.

What is Hyper Joint Supreme Drink?
Collagen is the key for cartilage repairing!

Chondrocytes is only 5-10% of the cartilage. Hyaluronic acid is around 70-80%, proteoglycans is 10-15% and collagen fiber is 10-15%. Collagen fiber is the most important ingredient because it acts like a preservative net that stores proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid.

When metabolism slows down and the collagen fiber density is insufficient, just like a perforated mesh, no matter how much hyaluronic acid and proteoglycan you add, it will not be able to absorb. You would never be able to repair the worn cartilage. Thus, collagen fiber is the key to joint problems. The collagen fiber cannot be directly replenished. It needs the fibroblasts to synthesis, and Hyper Joint Supreme Drink is one of the most effective products to promote this process.

How to Repair Cartilage by Hyper Joint?

Micro molecules absorption

The use of patent technology extracts the most effective part of the collagen molecules and brings down the size to 95 times less than the size of collagen molecules. It can dissolve in the water easily and allow effective intestinal absorption. Clinical researches confirmed up to 95% absorption within 12 hours.

Accumulation at the joint cartilage

After oral administration by the users, the composition of the collagen, hydroxyproline, in the blood concentration significantly increased and accumulated in the cartilage. The concentration is sufficient to stimulate fibroblasts to produce more collagen fibers at the joints.

Stimulate cartilage repairing with Collagen

Collagen fiber is the main component of cartilage repairing. It will support and preserve the hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans. Once the cartilage is repaired, joint bone erosion will be stopped. The joint pain will go away.