Our Story

DEUBOTE, products from Germany, DEU is the abbreviation of Deutschland, means Germany. BOTE means God's messenger in German. The LOGO design concept comes from a Ladybug. The Germans believe that “Ladybug” is the avatar of the God’s messenger. The patient will be healed if the Ladybug goes into the patient's room. It is a symbol of blessing.

Brand Confidence

DEUBOTE Products have gone through many years of expert research and clinical research in Germany. It focuses on using high-end technology to extract the required natural nutrients for the human body usage. By using the AUR Synergy, Nutrient Synergy Principle (Assimilate, Utilize, Retain) , developed nutritional food products which are more easily absorbed, used and preserved by the human body than normal foods.

Supreme Drink for Joints

DEUBOTE HYPER-JOINT : Hyper-Joint Collagen is able to accumulate in cartilage tissue after absorption and stimulate the biosynthesis of cartilage cells. This will repair the joint naturally and effectively without any side effect to the human body.


Supreme Drink for Bone

DEUBOTE Hyper-Bone : Hyper-Bone Collagen is essential for bone flexibility and elasticity. Bone collagen provides the framework for calcium mineralization.


Supreme Drink for Beauty

DEUBOTE Hyper-Beauty : Hyper-Beauty Collagen has positive effect to improve skin cells metabolism which is important for healthy epidermal skin barrier and skin moisturizing. This results in better elasticity and wrinkle reduction.